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Basic Metal Jewelry Techniques: A Masterclass

Autor:  Carles Codina
Editorial:  SCHIFFER
Presentación:  Libro impreso
ISBN:  9780764343674

Basic Metal Jewelry Techniques explains the fundamentals of metallurgy and basic formulas that every jeweler should know and master. It also shows, in great detail, the essential procedures involved in basic jewelry making, from soldering and sanding to making clasps. The accurate and up-to-date content is accompanied by a large number of photos and drawings that help to facilitate all of the processes shown, including stamping, polishing, casting, and beveling. With practice, the aspiring master jeweler can apply these techniques to virtually any project. Featured in the last section of the book are step-by-step instructions for making a number of pieces of jewelry using the constructive methods explained throughout the book. Choose one or create your own!


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